Suffered From Chronic Dry-Eye

After my stroke in 2009, I suffered from chronic dry-eye. My Naturopathic Dr. had me try eye drops, but they were very expensive and did not give much relief to my condition. Several years later, I met Gabrielle who suggested that a daily drop of lemon juice in each eye might prove beneficial. I readily consented to try anything at this point and believed that it probably would help when she explained how the lemon would stimulate my tear ducts. What I was totally unprepared for was the extent to which this simple, inexpensive, do-it-yourself, non-medicinal remedy alleviated my problem! I walked around the entire first day that the drops were administered exclaiming how awesome and refreshed my eyes felt. Lemon in the eyes continues to be a regular and welcome part of my daily routine!   

Last summer I got what I thought was a couple of tiny spider bites on my right foot. The itching was driving me crazy - especially at night. I refused to go to my Doctor's about it, knowing that she would either do nothing, or prescribe a course of antibiotics. I explained my condition to Gabrielle, who told me it was not a spider bite, but a fungal problem; good old Athlete's Foot. She told me to soak my foot in white vinegar a couple of times a day, and cut out sugar including fruits until the condition improved. What a quick end that made to my itching problem.

During one of her presentations, Gabrielle shared the issues we all have in this polluted world with hormone imbalance. She described how Anna's Wild Yam cream could help to correct this imbalance. Knowing how she had helped me with other health issues in the past, I bought a jar of Yam cream from her and used it faithfully for about six weeks. At the same time, several other women also started using it. One reported how she was sleeping better than she had in years. Another had the healthiest glowing face I have ever seen. (Seriously, her real-life face looked as if it had been Photo-Shopped!) Another received great relief from monthly migraines. It seemed as if everyone but me was experiencing health improvements. Frustrated, I stopped using the cream, believing I had wasted my money. About a month later I became extremely emotional, crying readily and feeling depressed. I asked Gabrielle what was going on with me...This wasn't normal. She asked if I was still using the Yam cream. BAM! It hit me!! The healing I was getting from the Yam cream wasn't physical; it was emotional. I wasn't aware of it until I went off the cream and Gabrielle helped me to connect the dots between what I was experiencing and the discontinuation of the Yam cream. Well, you can be sure I got myself another jar and have been using it ever since. It took about a week and a half for my emotions to get back to a normal state and I now know that it is working to heal my hormonal imbalance too!

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